Recycling is good. Recreating is better.

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A feeling of waste

In 2013, Nastasia Anzad, future founder of Oddpaper, embarked on an ambitious project with her grandfather: writing a book. 

It was then that Nastasia discovered the world of printing: the art of bookbinding, the many types of papers, and… paper scraps. The fate of all this beautiful paper? Recycling. A time-consuming, energy-intensive process that transforms these blank sheets into… paper! 

“Why throw away perfectly good paper when you can give it a new life?”

And idea was born and with the support of Chez Rosi print shop, she collected, assembled and recut the paper scraps to create her first notebooks!

Photo de l'équipe de valorisation du papier

Oddpaper today

In 2023, Gabriela Cardozo joined our adventure, and the Oddpaper workshop found its new home at RecyK in Anderlecht. Guided by our dedication to reusing paper, we set up a distinctive system that goes beyond simple inventory management. This innovation is at the heart of our mission: demonstrating that reusing paper is not only an ecological choice, but also a sustainable business strategy. Thanks to high-performance machinery, we have increased our production capacity, enabling us to meet larger orders while making a greater contribution to paper conservation.

Our Mission

Oddpaper’s raison d’être: to make the unused useful.

By saving paper, our primary aim is to maximize its use and minimize the production of new paper. Reducing as well the environmental impact of its production.

This is the principle of

Turning waste into a resource.

Valorisation du papier
Carnet écologique

Our commitment

By producing notebooks from virgin waste paper, we save perfectly good paper from being recycled unnecessarily.

The paper used in Oddpaper notebooks is recovered from Belgian printers and companies. Our workshops are located in the heart of Brussels, favoring a short, local circuit.

Each Oddpaper booklet contains precise information on the origin of the paper used.

Why reusing paper?

Paper recycling consumes water and energy

Every tonne of paper reused saves 18,000 litres of water and 7,500 kWh of energy.

Paper is not infinitely recyclable
Paper fibers can only be recycled 5 to 7 times before their quality is altered.

Séchage de papier valorisé

Any questions ?

It takes an average of 10 business days to produce an order of 100 personalized notebooks.

In Brussels, we transport our Oddpaper notebooks in an eco-responsible way by bicycle thanks to the Cargovélo company. For deliveries in Belgium and Europe, we use Bpost and UPS.

Absolutely! We offer customization options to print your logo or design on the notebook cover. When you place your order, we’ll send you a digital mockup to give you a preview of what your notebooks will look like.

As a rule, we have the ability to reuse most types of unused paper entrusted to us, such as letterheads, notepads, envelopes, surplus posters, and more. We cut out the usable parts to create your notebooks. If you have any doubts about reusing your paper, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Would you like to reuse your unused paper?

By saving paper in good condition, we offer you a customized solution for your company.

Transform it into unique notebooks, reflecting your branding.